April 2023 Architype
The Great Give 2023

March 2023 Architype
Support for the University of Hartford

February 2023 Architype
New for 2023 – Additional CAF Scholarship Applications Available this Month!

January 2023 Architype
Making a Difference – The Hoffmann Diversity Advancement Fund

December 2022 Architype
Your Gift is a Long-Term Investment in our Architectural Community

November 2022 Architype
CAF 2022 Distinguished Leadership Award Dinner – Discussing Docomomo and Modernism with Dr. Theodore Prudon

October 2022 Architype
Celebrate Modernism and Support CAF Scholarships

September 2022 Architype
My Architecture Workshops Summer Camp – 2022 Grant Award

July-August 2022 Architype
2022 CAF Scholarships Announced

May 2022 Architype
The Celebration of the Jane & Kevin Roche Scholarship Fund at the Yale School of Architecture

April 2022 Architype
CAF 2022 Scholarship Applications Deadline is April 25th

March 2022 Architype
The CAF Celebrates the Jane & Kevin Roche Scholarship Fund

February 2022 Architype
The CAF 2022 Board of Directors

December 2021 Architype
Connecticut Architecture Foundation Giving

November 2021 Architype
What has the CAF been up to in 2021?

September 2021 Architype
The 2021 CAF Scholarship Awardees

June 2021 Architype
A Program with a Mission: Assistance for Future Architects

May 2021 Architype
What is the Connecticut Architecture Foundation?

March 2021 Architype
From Humble Roots: Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship Fund

February 2021 Architype
2020 CAF Leadership Awards Gala: Asymptote Architecture, Lise-Anne Couture & Hani Rashid

December 2020 Architype
2020 Annual Appeal. A Gift to CAF is a Long-term Investment in our Architectural Community

September 2020 Architype
The Annual CAF Film Series

July-August 2020 Architype
Sustaining our Profession: 2020 Scholarship Recipients

March 2020 Architype
Leadership Award Recipients: Asymptote Architecture, Lise-Anne Couture & Hani Rashid

February 2020 Architype
2020 CAF Film Event: The World’s Tallest Architect – A Documentary on Cesar Pelli

January 2020 Architype
Announcing the new CAF Website and 2020 Board of Directors

May 2019 Architype
2019 CAF Leadership Awards Gala: Gray Organschi

April 2019 Architype
Leadership Awards Recipients Announced: Lisa Gray and Alan Organschi

March 2019 Architype
2019 CAF Film Event at Wesleyan University – In Praise of Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect

January 2019 Architype
The CAF Announces the 2019 Board of Directors & A Kevin Roche Film Event

December 2018 Architype
40th Anniversary CAF Annual Appeal

September 2018 Architype
2018 CAF Scholarships Awarded

May 2018 Architype
2018 CAF Leadership Awards Gala: Patkau Architects