DuBose & Sheng Memorial Scholarship Funds

Charles DuBose Memorial  Scholarship

The Charles DuBose Scholarship Fund was established in 1986 by DuBose Associates, Inc. of Hartford, Connecticut in memory of Charles DuBose, FAIA.  Ruth DuBose, widow of Mr. Charles DuBose, has contributed substantially to the scholarship fund. Charles DuBose, Founder and Chairman of DuBose Associates, Inc. Architects, was most noted for his design of Constitution Plaza in Hartford. It was acclaimed in the 1960’s as one of the first urban developments to effectively separate pedestrian movement from vehicular traffic with a series of raised landscaped terraces. Students who have completed two years in accredited undergraduate architectural programs or have been accepted into an accredited graduate program are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Connecticut residents are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to students at the University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Fontainebleau summer program.

Suzanne Sheng Memorial Scholarship

In 1997, the Sheng family established a memorial scholarship fund in memory of Suzanne Sheng who was a Connecticut architect working with C. James Lawler, FAIA at the time of her death. The first scholarship award from the fund was in 2002. The fund is be used solely for scholarships for students of architecture, giving preference to students in architectural degree programs at Cornell University. While students who are Connecticut residents are encouraged to apply, the fund is open to any student who has completed two years of study in an accredited undergraduate architectural program or who has been accepted into an accredited graduate architectural program.