2024 Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship Information

Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship

The Connecticut Architecture Foundation Inc. was established by the Connecticut Chapter of The American Institute of Architects in 1978. This organization’s mission is to raise the public awareness of, and expectations for, Architecture and the built environment. We accomplish these goals through the funding of programs in education, scholarship, mentorship, and research. Our administration of the Foundation’s Scholarship Program is an important part of that work.

In order to be considered for an Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship candidates must:

  • Currently be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an architectural program that is not NAAB accredited. 
  • Currently be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an architectural program at a Connecticut Community College with plans to continue an architectural education.
  •  Currently be enrolled in an architectural program at a Connecticut Community College and been accepted to an architecture program at a college or university.
  •  Currently be enrolled in a Connecticut Vocational/Technical School planning to purse an architectural education at a college or university.
  •  Be a part-time OR full-time student
  •  Demonstrate some connection to the state of Connecticut (residence, school, work, etc )

Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship
The Allan Dehar Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2020 in memory of Allan Dehar, FAIA, who began his architectural education attending trade school followed by night school. This scholarship was developed in response to the reality that there are multiple pathways for obtaining an architectural education.
This scholarship provides an opportunity to assist and encourage students who are interested in pursuing a career in architecture. Connecticut residents are encouraged to apply.

 This scholarship is granted to students with the goal of furthering the mission of the Connecticut Architecture Foundation: to raise public awareness and expectations of architecture and the built  environment.

Note that applying for this scholarship does not limit an applicant from applying to future CAF scholarships.

 Deadline: May 31, 2024

To apply for this Scholarship, submit digitally as per note #6, sequenced in the following order:

Download the 2024 Dehar Scholarship 


  1.  Application
  2. A one-page letter describing your accomplishments and goals.
  3. A one-to-two-page resume of education, experience, honors, activities, interests and Connecticut affiliation.
  4. If attending a Community College, a completed Financial Aid form signed and completed by the Financial Aid office at the Your school’s Financial Aid Officer must complete the relevant sections and sign the form.
  5. One exemplary school project including description of project, drawings/media depicting project and an explanation of why this project is relevant to the scholarship. By submitting this application, you grant permission to the Connecticut Architecture Foundation, to reproduce any or all of your materials for the promotion of its programs.
  6. Prepare a single PDF file of all submitted material (in the same sequence as listed above) labeled: 2024 CAF Scholarship Application File_YOUR NAME.

  7. Submit through WeTransfer: https://cafct.wetransfer.com/

  8. Note that the successful applicant, upon being notified of award, will be expected to provide a portrait photo for news releases, as well as a 1-minute introductory video. 

    In addition, please note:

    1. Applications must include current email address, contact information, and telephone
    2. If confirmation of acceptance of award is not received in writing within 30 days of award notification, the award offering will be revoked.
    3. If the application is incomplete or does not comply with stated requirements, the application will be disqualified.
    4. Applications must be electronically submitted by the deadline date of May 31, 2024
    5. Two letters of reference from faculty members of the institution you attend on institution stationary are required to be emailed by the references directly to [email protected] by the deadline date of  May 31, 2024. The name of the applicant is to be included in the subject line as “Re: Applicant’s Name, Connecticut Architecture Foundation: Allan Dehar Scholarship”. Note that references from employers (unless also a faculty member reference) or others will not be CAF strongly encourages this request to be made well in advance of the deadline.

      Additional Notes

      1. Scholarships are awarded for the college/university academic If the student graduates early or leaves school for some other reason, the scholarship will be pro-rated based upon the portion of the school year attended.
      2. An award recipient may request a deferment until the following academic year. The deferment request must be prepared and submitted by the award recipient and sent via email to the Scholarship Committee at [email protected] if approved by the CAF board of directors, the application will be deferred until the next academic year.  Upon notification, the application will not need to reapply but will be required to submit a Deferred Scholarship Reinstatement Form and all award paperwork or decline the deferred award.

Download the 2024 Dehar Scholarship